Rhode Island Real Estate Land Records

Unlike most other states, the State of Rhode Island maintains separate land evidence records for each of its 39 cities and towns. Since the town or city clerk of each municipality is responsible for maintaining these records there is no uniform system for searching the land evidence records.

A number of cities and towns have converted their land evidence records to electronic document management systems. Of those, some – but not all – have made their records available for online searching. The quality of these sites also varies, as does the ability to print copies of these documents outside of the town or city hall. Some systems allow free online printing, some charge a fee for this service and some do not allow it at all.

This site is designed to provide quick and easy access to the Rhode Island Real Estate Land Evidence records that are available online. This information should prove useful to title examiners, title attorneys or anyone performing a title search on property in Rhode Island. These sites allow title examiners, attorneys and the public to perform partial and occasionally, full title searches in connection with real estate closings, appraisals and general property research.

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Rhode Island Cities and Towns (inactive links indicate that service is not yet available):